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ALOHA PEEPS. It’s Alex this week! There are 3 things that I currently love that are causing me some issues at the moment:

  1. I love wearing contacts at my job. (aka I hate wearing glasses to see)
  2. I love reading books at my job.
  3. I love using the computer at my job.

I work on weekends, 9 hours on Saturday and 9 hours on Sunday. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job (I didn’t list it above because the job itself is not causing me any issues) but if you notice those 3 listed above all have one thing in common: stress on my eyes.

I give my eyes a break once in a while at work. I wear my glasses sometimes and  apply eye drops when needed…but when I get home, I give them a little treat! A little ‘thank you!’ for helping me get through my day! (^∇^)

Kao Megurhythm Steam Hot Eye Mask

I treat my eyes to a Kao Megurhythm Steam Hot Eye Mask!

General info:

“Kao Megurhythm Steam Hot Eye Mask is a self heat steam eye mask which relieves tired eyes for use before sleep or in relaxation. It heats up to about 104F (40℃) instantly to relax your eye zone and lasts for 5 – 10 minutes. This Kao Megurhythm Steam Hot Eye Mask is convenient to use and fragrance free.”

  • Place of Origin: Japan
  • Ingredients: polypropylene, polyethylene

how the packet looks like. comes with 14.

What’s the magic in this? IT HEATS UP BY ITSELF! LIKE MAGIC! \(°◇°)/ Okay, not really like magic (more like chemistry) but once you open the packet, it starts warming up really fast and stays warm for at least 30 minutes (longest I had them on). When I threw them out they were still very warm.

the outside. i can’t help but notice it looks like a pad. LOL

the side against your eyes (seriously looks like a pad) loops around your ears to stay put.

Can you wear it with makeup on your eyes? YES. Okay, I didn’t bring them to work or anything, but unless you press these babies against your makeup, then of course you will get makeup on them. However, if you just wear them as is, your makeup is in tact! \( ̄ー ̄)

texture. up close

My eyes felt extremely relaxed after using this. It was as if someone massaged around the area…it’s the same feeling of relief. But let’s be honest here — is it worth buying?

Both yes and no. It’s not messy, convenient, long lasting (30+ minutes of heat) and travel friendly. However, there is a cheaper alternative and that’s simply getting a warm wash cloth. :B So what I’m saying is, if you don’t plan to wear them in a place aside from the comfort of your own home, then get the cheaper alternative. But if you plan on using them on lunch breaks at school or work, definitely try this. I know I’ll be bringing one with me to school!

what do you do to relax your eyes?


To conclude this post – I’m trying to make it a habit to post 3 instagram pics that sum up my week! \( ̄ー ̄)
*to my fellow instagram users: I use instagram to quickly edit pictures I take with my phone but I don’t upload my pictures and I don’t actually use my account. HOWEVER~ Joyce & I are definitely planning to open an instagram account for carouselstreet! If & whenwe do, we’ll definitely post our username here and follow all of you guys!

(1) Kung Fu Milk Tea w/Herbal Jelly, (2) How did that happen?, (3) Just finished reading this. Just ordered the last 2 books!

Have a lovely week! (●´∀`)ノ♡

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  • Izzy

    hahahaa! yes, it does look like a pad. would feel a bit weird to put it over your eyes. it sounds like a good thing to take when you’re away from home, but I agree, if you’re home already you might as well use a warm cloth! xD


  • Shen

    That eye mask sounds really interesting! It does look like a pad (laugh) but from your review they sound like something I should try out sometime, especially since I wear contacts quite a bit as well. Thanks for the review :3


  • Janice

    that’s a great review! how much did it cost?

    thanks for visiting my blog and left me a comment :)

    the STYLE Fringe BLOG


  • valeria

    Cool Style & Blog!!! xoxo from Rome

    Ps. Follow each other on GFC & Bloglovin???


  • Cat

    haha, that does look like a pad! I hadn’t thought of giving my eyes a rest with a heated mask or cloth. That’s probably a good idea. I wear contacts to work, and since I’m a programmer, I’m always on the computer. I bet my eyes could use the break :)

    I read all of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo books! I really liked them :)


  • Gie Nam

    I would love to try that since I always have issues with my eyes. :/ I hope they ship to the Philippines. That milk tea looks so delish!


  • Song- Thanh

    I’ve never heard of this product before, but it sounds good! Unfortunately I think that they don’t sell it in Holland haha.


  • Georgie

    I use the computer for about nine hours a day at work too – but I work weekdays. I guess I never really thought of giving my eyes a treat, haha. I should get a cloth and give my eyes a refreshment every now and then. I don’t see this product as very useful because you could DIY, but as you said, it is good for portability.

    Don’t you just hate when clothes rip!! I got a hole in the sleeve of my jacket and when I discovered it I was like WTF WUT how did this happen?! D:


  • mochaccinoland

    these self heat steam eye masks sound so good! i need to scour for them. my eyes are always tired from lack of sleep and prolonged hours in front of computer :(

    //collar necklace giveaway on my blog//


  • Lissa

    Awww! I like it! It might help me out with all the stress that comes on my eyes, haha! Thanks for sharing :3

    When I want my eyes to relax I just close them and lie down. But I’m most of the time too busy to relax them! So it only happens at night ; A ;



  • Rowena

    I totally have stressed out eyes from time to time so this product sounds right up my alley. thanks for the review.
    I usually just do the old cold cucumber slices trick to refresh my eyes.

    Rowena @ rolala loves


  • Maggie

    Those look so nice! I definitely have to try it out, wearing contacts for hours really does tire my eyes out.

    xx maggie


  • Jenny

    My dad used to use a hot mask for his eye, but the one he used was reusable – you just heat it up in the microwave every time. These kind of remind me of those disposable heating pads – the kind you rub and it stays warm for a couple hours. How hot does the mask get? I ask this because those heating pads get extremely hot, to the point where it feels like it’s burning my skin -___-


  • Cee

    These eye masks sound wonderful! I work on a computer all day, every day – although I don’t wear contacts anymore – and these sound like the perfect eye relaxant for after a long day at the office. Or for a special lunch break treat!


  • Katie

    Ohh my eyes have been feeling a bit strained lately! I have been watching a hell of a lot of tv and have been on the computer a lot which is why I suspect. I need to get something like this!


  • Shiri

    You know, I’ve never gotten into wearing eye masks. When sleeping or otherwise.. it hasn’t been a thing I think I need. But maybe I should give it a go =) Especially those calming & cooling ones so you wake up nice & refreshed without puffy morning eyes.


  • Liv

    Ohhh, this sounds great! I work 8-9 hours a day, 4-5 days a week, completely on the computer. The only way I’ve been de-stressing my eyes is by staying away from my own computer, which is posing a problem. I also seem to be going out all the time now which I must wear contacts because I hate glasses. I don’t think I want to waste money, so I’ll try to use a warm cloth!


  • Jessie

    hi alex!
    sorry its been so long! thank you so much for your constant and loving support always ^^
    ah those sound so perfect for relaxing your eyes, so cute and ingenious …but yes they do look a little like pads :/ haha
    jessie x
    the weekend project.


  • Mitha Komala

    glad to hear that you enjoy your work and wow the eye mask seems great, i hope it works well for you Alex! (; and omg that milk tea looks tempting. i hope you have a great weekend ahead <3 xx

    Letters To Juliet


  • Michelle

    Ooooh, this looks so nice! I think I want to get an eye mask :D my eyes need a treat like this.:)

    Hope you have a great weekend!


  • nyuu

    I would love to use that mask :) I don’t really have anything to relax my eyes, so I’m thinking I should use cucumbers or tea bags or something hehe


  • Nancy

    I hope those issues will go away soon! Let nothing stop you from doing what you love :). Wow, you definitely work a lot during your weekends! I’m sure it’s rewarding, since you’re getting paid with money! Having too much strain on your eyes is no good, since it’s one of the most important function in your body (like every other parts). Just the other day, I was thinking if I need eye therapy or something (like putting cucumber slices on your eyes when you sleep?)

    That milk tea with jelly looks delicious! Mmm, now I’m craving for some sort of drink XD!

    Take care :)!


  • WY

    It seems like a great product, and the price is quite okay I guess. They also kinda remind me of pads as well haha. x
    Raves ‘nd Ramblings


  • ftashion

    omg, heated eye mask sounds really relaxing! I bet my eyes will love me for that! haha and you are so right about the mask looking like a pad.

    Fang Ting


  • Mija

    The eye mask does look relaxing! But it is really diaper/pad like!!! Is there a product similar to this outside of Asia?


  • Rinny

    These look pretty cool actually. I’ve never seen/heard anything like this before. It sounds like it would be really relaxing on the eyes. I agree that a warm washcloth would do the job just fine as well though. But these look like they would be great for a long plane ride :D


  • dhammi nah

    iam using this self heat steam eye masks right now,love the relaxing feel.