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hhehhe. I went south to Virginia in my last post and to be honest, Virginia was aiiteI may have a post about it sometime in the near future but as of right now, I feel Virginia isn’t worthy of a post. Let’s just put it that way ( ̄▽ ̄;)/

I’ve also began using Instagram HAHAHA OH GOD. I was reluctant to but then my sister said that taking photos trough  Instagram come out better than directly through my droid’s camera…AND IT’S TRUE. So just a bunch of random instagram shots too :B

I thought I’d do a different type of post today (if you haven’t already noticed)! Shifting gears to one aspect of my life….being single! Of course, being in a relationship has it’s ups and downs and so does being single. But I thought I’d list 10 reasons why being single is AWESOME! (For a chick like me at least, hohoho). Are you ready? :B

But first –and some recent things I’ve purchased too! lala~ and on my oh so glamorous lifestyle ! ( not really)

Recent Purchases — !

I recently took advantage of‘s (1st & 2nd pic) Memorial Day sale (yayfor 20% off everything!) and bought a pair of T.U.K.’s Leopard 7 Eye Bronze Flock Boot (LOVE them to death!) and some SUPER comfy tees (one two three). Overall, I am very satisfied with their service! Things shipped within 2 days!

I also bought some things from H&M, not online though (3rd pic). A tank and shorts actually lol I bought the blouse from H&M too but a few months back! The shorts and tank were the same price, which I thought was kinda funny for some reason…

 And last but not leastMy new best friend / assistant at work deserves an instagram photoshoot too! He’s remote controlled and floats around the office at my command! He literally looks like he’s swimming around the office because the back fin (not photographed) makes it look as so! Isn’t he cute? ^o^


And onto the second part of the post — !

10 Reasons why being single = awesome:

  1. Rocking the cavewoman status: Let’s be honest — ANY form of hair removal is a pain in the ass and time consuming. May it be shaving, epilating, waxing, tweezing, etc…though it’s inevitable in warmer weather it is avoidable during fall, winter and half of spring. Gotta love my au natural legs and underarms during those times. YEAH BABY \( ̄ー ̄)
  2. More brain space: It feels nice not having some guy on my mind all the time. I can focus on things important to me without wondering if my manfriend is cheating on me or picking his nose with his toothbrush or whatever…
  3. So peaceful~ :  Not being in a relationship is a lot less stressful.
  4. Seeing the male species for what they really are: A bunch of idiots. Don’t get me wrong; women are no better – we’re manipulative and crazy. As an outsider (*cough* being single), I see them from what they are and well…I’m not liking what I see. I honestly cannot see myself dating someone or even marrying someone my age or younger.
  5. Being ME!!! Of course.  I can dress the way I want, eat the way I want, do what I want — without the approval of anyone or worrying about the approval of. In my past relationship, I was afraid of changing my appearance. The 3 years after the end of it, I’ve been rocking and experimenting different looks, styles, and makeup…and that makes me happy.
  6. Freedom: Of course, being single means not being committed to a single person. The only person I’m committed to is meself and it feels SO good.
  7. No drama: It’s no secret that relationships are usually surrounded by drama. Drama is annoying and it’s something in my life that I can really live without.
  8. Time: I haven’t been in a relationship in my college career (3 years) and honestly, I can’t imagine how I can fit a boyfriend into my schedule. During the school year, I barely have time for the little friends that I still have!
  9. Painting my nails: Most guys don’t really see the point in designing or painting nails in all different sorts of colors which is good in a sense but if they don’t like the way you do it, they’ll probably as you why you did your nails that way…and it’s like, I did it this way because I like it of course! Sheesh. LET MY NAILS BE!!!
  10. Being a dude: As I mentioned in #1, being a chick is kinda time consuming sometimes! Being single, on a typical day I aim for comfort while still being ‘me’ persay. I can dress the way I want without wondering if I’m not ‘feminine’ enough for him.

Bottomline: All uhm, martial statuses have their pros and cons. If you’re in a relationship – enjoy it! If not…enjoy it too! When the time is right, the right person will appear before you – I promise you that! But until then…

What are your pros of being single? Or if you’re in a relationship…what are the perks of being in one?

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  • Haruka

    Hmm. Perks of being single:

    1) Don’t feel guilty for ogling every cute guy that walks by ;D

    2) Don’t annoy my girlfriends by driving them crazy with constant “omg he’s so cute/why he drive me crazy/why being single is so much better but omg I like him so much omfg but i go nuts leh/ omg you get bf too so we can double date”

    3) Not worrying as much about that stupid pimple that decides to pop up date nights >:(

    4)hairy issues (agree with you about shaving ;D )

    5)Don’t need to remember an extra birthday XP

    btw, don’t feel too bad for the nose bleeds LOL older guys are HOT. Have you seen Le Jia from JSTV if you’re the one? He’s the reason I watch the show every week with my parents LOL <– cept my parents don't know that ;)

    and omg cute guy at work. -sigh- so close yet so far away dammit. I work in the same company as my dad which means no dating. so why cute guy so CUTE?


    mad love,


    Alex Reply:

    LOL i actually looked up “Le Jia from JSTV”…is he the bald guy? hahaha

    well you can’t date the guy…but you *can* befriend him..and…well…who knows after that? ;DDD


  • Jessica

    LMAO where did you find that gif? HAHAHAHA

    When I went to Virginia, I just noticed everyone walked really slow. Just. so. slow. What has NYC done to me? D:

    Wow, you found some cool looking stuff at H&M! Whenever I go in there, I normally see plain stuff. I gotta keep my eyes open @.@

    Wow we really do think alike! I was thinking all those things when I was thinking about my single life! You also mentioned things I never realized either :O That’s right, I’m committed to me! Hehe

    I guess on a more serious note, they say that those that marry young (women and sometimes men) have a harder time advancing in their careers, just cause they can’t move across the country and take that amazing job, so that can be a pro to being single =/ But 2 combined incomes (and lower taxes) would be pretty nice too @.@


  • Evelyn

    I am so hooked on Instagram too! So much so that I’ve been uploading my Instagram-ed pics on my blog recently… *guilty* Whoops…!



  • Shen

    Oh, interesting post! I’m with one on that being single is awesome. There’s really so much less things to fuss about. Although it may be nice to have someone with you, having to fulfill obligations to them is annoying! Especially when they expect us females to call them often and whatnot. That’s far too troublesome, lol. I’m very pro-single haha. I value my freedom and independence!


  • Liz

    When a photo goes through an Instagram filter it does looks a lot better for some reason. I have the app but I haven’t gotten into the habit of using it mush yet >-< Loving your leopard print boots by the way!!

    I do agree that being single and being in a relationship do have lots of pros and cons but the most important thing is to enjoy the present moment!!! I think that being in a relationship, the commitment towards another person can be so overwhelming. When you are single, you make decisions based on what you want but in a relationship, you have to take so many other things into consideration.

    Perfection Lumiere is a great foundation!! Go to a counter and ask for some samples to try it out yourself ^-^ If a products last for 5 hours on my super oily skin, it's definitely long but I always read others reviewing the same product and they always manage to get longer wear.



  • Cindy

    ahahah i found the first picture so amusing, typical dental student. got it bookmarked :P
    before i started using instagram i always though it was a bit whacked, but the pictures actually look SO. MUCH. BETTER. whats your username so i can stalk…i mean follow
    tbh i kinda miss the days of being single. so much freedom and no feeling guilty for checking out all the cute boys that walk by (and there are so many cute boys in the world *le sigh*)


  • mochaccinoland

    perk on being single is of course FREEDOM!

    perk on being a relationship is i will always have someone there to share my happy moments with :)

    love your post alex <333

    //collar necklace giveaway on my blog//


  • Mei

    Hahah I totally agree alot of points with your
    single statements :P (1,2,6,8,10)

    I love your haul btw!



  • Sarah

    I love the look of your H&M purchases :)! I agree with your reasons for being single, or at least, until you find the perfect guy there is no need to bother yourself with relatioships :) xx


  • athena/april

    i love how instagram really enables the user to make all pictures really pretty! it’s also very easy to use too :)
    anyway, number 5 on your list rocks. being you (or me) is such a wonderful thing in itself! let’s love ourselves even more



  • Maggie

    I love instagram! We should follow eachother :) (I’m saltandleather)
    Hmmm I can’t really say anything regarding relationships because I have something that really isn’t anything but at the same time it’s something going on right now. Which is super confusing.

    xx maggie


  • Arttu

    Loved the list of the pros of being single haha! I’ve been single since 8th grade (after my highly *cough* mature relationship) and frankly – there are times when I hate it, but usually I quite enjoy being single!
    Also, thanks for commenting on my blog and I have to say that yours is so lovely! Definitely will come back again :)


  • Cat

    I like the boots you bought!

    I think some of the perks are still there in a relationship if you find the right guy, like being yourself and being a dude. In the beginning of a relationship, I can see there being more pressure for approval, but if that continues years later, it’d be a sign to me that it’s not the right fit =/ As for #1, I actually still shaved/waxed/etc when I was single because it’d bother me if I didn’t, haha. I like being in a relationship, but I think the best perk when single is having less drama!


  • Hyeoni

    Hahaha, this post made me laugh out loud. Funny post! :P
    I just mentioned about how great it was to be single on my post too. Hahaha! And number one pro of being single, no DRAMA. Sheesh!

    I find myself being very content, and yes freedom! And you actually have time to take care of yourself. I agree with your 10 reasons. Number one being the most hilarious. I love instagram too, it does make the photos more alive and vibrant. And interesting too. ^^

    Did you program Nemo?


  • Nancy

    I love that little gif of the boy brushing his teeth! Haha, talk about promoting dental hygeine! Even though Virginia was just the average joe, at least you got the experience of knowing what Virginia is like!

    Instagram definitely makes your pictures look a lot “better”. I really love using the app to share pictures :)! I really love the nemo float you have at work!

    No one appreciates the art of being single. A lot of freshmen from my high school complained about not having a boyfriend (mostly coming from girls) and it’s really annoying. I definitely agree with all of those awesome reasons of being single. Except number 1… I know of some girl who rocks her cavewoman status even though she has a boyfriend. She definitely doesn’t care!

    One of the pro’s of being single is that you don’t need to be self conscious of yourself and worry about what’s going to happen. Perhaps, I’m just not ready for it yet!

    Take care(:


  • Katie

    Ohhhh ta cake looks incredble!!! Being single really is great!


  • nyuu

    hehe what a humorous post :) Did you drew that shaving leg picture? haha
    Your boots reminded me that I bought a T.U.K pair of high heel several years ago and haven’t worn them yet =(

    There’s no ‘downs’ in being single in my little world :)


  • Jenny

    I live instagram! The filters make my photos really nice, though I really don’t use it enough.

    That’s a good list of the pros of being single, but I feel like a lot if them should still apply if you’re in a healthy relationship. Either that or I’ve just gotten way too comfortable with my boyfriend, haha


  • xian

    Hello! Weebee!! :3
    and yeah, instagram is really cool :)

    and High five for being single! :) Life is awesome when you’re in love and also when you’re not 8D


  • Mitha Komala

    oh i love those pics from your instagram, especially the yoghurt and bubble tea look tempting. love your new leopard print boots :DD and yeah i do agree for those 10 reasons for being single. well the perks for being in a relationship are that you have a major reason of why you should live happily and there is no better and more consoling feeling than the feeling i feel when i was beside the one i really love (:

    Letters To Juliet


  • Ulrika

    Hahaha i had so much fun reading your post. So entertaining, especially the ten reasons to be single-thing. I was single ummmmm seven years ago, so I can’t really comment on any of that, except that it isn’t that bad after you get over the lovey-dovey part :P

    Loving your instagram pics. I discovered instagram a few weeks ago, and I love it ! The filters are so amazing.

    Kisses !


  • Rinny

    Lol you are hilarious! I love reason #1 the most! The good thing is, once you’re already in a committed relationship and your S/O is super comfortable with you, I can get away with going au natural in the fall and winter lol. But yeah, enjoy being single while you’re still young – you have plenty of time to settle down when you’re older :P


  • Vermillion

    I love your recent purchases! *___* And I agree, Akira is really cool xD

    I think it doesn’t matter if someone’s single or not. I dislike people who rush to be in a relationship, just so they don’t have the “single status”. There’s someone I know who always complains about being single and plasters that “forever alone” meme everywhere =__=


  • Georgie

    Welcome back Alex! Wow, I haven’t been visiting blogs in a while because I’ve been so busy – last time I visited, you were just leaving for your trip. I hope you had fun even though it’s not worth writing about. LOL.

    I have to say that I love Instagram as well. I like it because it’s a great, quick way to share photos and quickly prettify them. I don’t really like editing photos though, in general – so it’s just for fun for me. It’s not like those are my best photos or whatever – I still practice photography just purely with a digital camera :) Anyway let me know what your username is! I’m jeorgina on there, hehe~

    I’ve been in a relationship for about four and a half years now, it’s crazy how long it’s been, doesn’t seem like that long. Before my current relationship I was most certainly in another one… and I will be honest, I wish I had embraced being single a lot MORE. I was just still not over the guy I was with before. I kind of wasted my time. It’s great being in a relationship now, because I know I’m in a good one. We’re comfortable with each other, we’re like best friends and we rarely judge each other. I think that in a relationship you have to be best friends as well as lovers. :3

    For the record, in winter I don’t bother shaving my legs, ehehehehhh. :D ~who cares~


  • Candypop

    Ahh i love the H&M purchases, i miss America and F21 H&M and all those stores we dont have them in Australia.
    Wow good on you for having a positive perspective on your life after coming out of a long term relationship.
    I applaud you for being an independent woman!!! I’d be so pathetic and depressed for a long long long time. haha but i guess everyone deal with it differently.
    Its funny because i rarely shave my legs and my hairs on my legs arent very thick so theyre not very visible haha but it is annoying to be underarm and bikini wax when i needa go to the beach in summer >< thats why i dont really like summer because you cant hide underneath clothes LOL


    ox Priscilla


  • sleepandwater

    That remote controlled fish looks so adorable, very intriguing! :p I think I need one for my work as well. It was nice to read that list about the benefits of being single, especially the point about men being idiots haha! :)


  • Julie

    HAHA. That was an awesome post. Coming out of a long term relationship has made me agree with everything you said (although, not shaving in a while is kinda gross).


  • Rachel

    Woman this is awesome


  • Kuraitabinin

    I’m significantly older than you but I have to say that you need to maintain this wisdom that you posted…nothing changes as you get older. It actually gets even more stressful when you throw in kids on top of the already ever present drama.