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Hey everyone! Joyce back this week :]

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Today’s topic will cover my most recent makeup removal and cleansing routine~

  1. DHC Make Off Sheet
  2. B&C Cleansing Research Makeup Cleansing Wash with Aha b

(Both products sent from the lovely Check out their site for related beauty products~)

And the verdict is…?

1.DHC Make Off Sheet

“Made from 100% natural cotton, each aloe-infused sheet removes impurities, helps maintain skin’s natural pH level, and deposits moisture. Use this cleansing cloth when you’re away from home and on those occasions when you can’t perform your regular routine. Comes in a lightweight, flip-top box, so you can take it on the road and to the gym. ”

  • Quantity: 50count
  • Place of Origin: Japan

I wanted to try this product because like most people, after a long day I get tired and removing makeup starts becoming a chore. I’m a stickler for removing all my makeup off properly everyday and cleansing my face! (My go to method for makeup removal is actually…*drum rolls* Pond’s Cold Cream <<Using this cream, I don’t have to question whether all my makeup is taken off because it’s a cream.)

I’ve tried makeup wipes in the past, such as drugstore brands like Neutrogena, and although they are a quick option for makeup removal, I was always still apprehensive about whether all of my makeup was removed. At $9.99, I feel like these make off sheet wipes by DHC are worth it. These sheets have a toner (alcohol) scent which is actually pleasant. Somehow I subconsciously connect the smell of toner to cleanliness so this is a plus for me. While wearing a full face of makeup, I use two sheets to remove all my face makeup (excluding the eyes: I use pond’s cold cream).

Although I suppose you could take off your eye makeup with these wipes, the product directions recommend against doing so and I wouldn’t recommend doing this either because a) it would sting your eyes and b) it’s difficult to take off eyeliner/anything waterproof with these wipes.

  • Overall >> these DHC make off sheets are a real savior after a long day. I’ve been using them for the past month and I still have a quarter of these sheets left~(so I’d say they last awhile). I also use this product to take off my makeup prior to working out which saves a lot of hassle :p


2.B&C Cleansing Research Makeup Cleansing Wash with Aha b

“B&C Cleansing Research Cleansing Series contains AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) which increase collagen and skin elasticity, removing old keratin and dirt from pores. 100% herbal cleansing ingredients and its moisture-rich formula gives softer and clearer skin while removes dirt and makeups effectively. This cleansing wash is formulated for sensitive skin.”

  • Volume: 4.2oz(120g)
  • Place of Origin:Japan

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! There is a lot of product in this tube. Only a little is needed to clean the whole face. Mixing this product with a little bit of water creates a very relaxing foam perfect for cleansing the face. This product smells really refreshing -> kind of like the mix of strawberries and cucumbers. It’s very light and not overpowering~ :] It is also very moisturizing on the face and doesn’t dry out my face unlike other cleansers.

  • Alright, so the most important question >> Does it do an excellent job of cleaning the face? Yes! My face does not feel tight or dry. It feels moisturized, clean, BRIGHT, and fresh smelling~ :]
  • I’ll be repurchasing this product on my own.. that’s how much I like this product hahah.
  • I would recommend this cleanser for all skin types because it is *effective* yet gentle.


Summer Fashion Inspiration Looks

I love these colorful looks. Perfect for summer and the play on textures and patterns is so fun!
I’ve been lovin’ the bold red lips look lately~~ sexy hahah
Cute nail designs and color again~
This summerwedges are my favorite option for shoes. Easy to walk in, cute, and they give the perfect added height (for us not so tall people :=p). This clutch is perfect for added pop of color to any outfit~very summery

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  • Ayel

    i don’t know if that product is already available here in the Philippines. When I was still “not lazy” to buy make up removal, i usually buy from the body/face shop. but then when i got too lazy, i use baby oil and wash it off with a facial cleanser instead. i didn’t know what came to me I just didn’t have the time. HAHA!


  • Liz

    I tend to use makeup wipes to remove my makeup when I feel lazy too!! That face wash looks great too!! Thanks for the review!!



  • Jenny

    I use the cheap drugstore wipes on nights when I go out and I’m too lazy to wash my face =w= Even though they don’t really get rid of my eye makeup, they do a good job with everything else. On regular days I don’t use makeup wipes at all, just my cleansing oil, which works really well :)


  • Jessica

    Yay for more product reviews! I really want to try that AHA face wash, but I have too many face washes as it is T^T I think enough to last me at least 2 years D: I’ve heard AHA is a really good exfoliator, but it also increases your sensitivity to sunlight, so make sure to apply enough sunscreen ^^

    I really like the nail polish colors and designs, but I’ve always wondered how people did those polka dots by themselves without messing up though =/ But the pastel-like colors are really inspiring! *goes to paints nails*


  • Cat

    I’m using drugstore brand make-up wipes right now, though I just used up pack, so I may have to look into these DHC sheets :) Those are cute looks! They look more spring-like than summer to me though. It’s probably because it’s so hot where I live. I wouldn’t wear dresses that long or layer like that in this heat, haha XD;;


  • Song- Thanh

    Nice reviews! And the makeup wipes looks so cute haha. X


  • Hyeoni

    I’ve never used make up wipes before loool. I’ve always used lotion or for the past couple of years I’ve been using jojoba oil.
    But thanks for the review! I want to try red lips too, especially the berry stained ones! But I don’t have the super duper white teeth. :(


  • Ivy

    I love using makeup removers. I never feel clean when I wash my face from makeup with just face wash. I feel like there are still remains of makeup on my face. That’s why I bought a Costco pack of the Neutrogena makeup remover wipes. I like them and I feel clean after. However, I still wash my face with face wash after so it’s extra clean!

    The packaging looks cute and I am a sucker for cute things. I wouldn’t mind trying these wipes next time my mom orders from DHC. :)


  • ftashion

    Hello ladies! I feel so ashamed for missing out so many of your posts! I’m still learning to balance my new job and blogging. How do you ladies cope with studies and blogging!?!
    Anyway, I use makeup wipes too. Currently, I’m using the Biore one which has served me rather well, whether it is for my own skin or for my clients. But yeah, I don’t use them for eye make up too. Because they don’t dissolve liner and mascara, usually people end up trying to rub of the eye makeup with wipes and the tugging action is really traumatic for the skin around the eyes.
    The B&C cleanser sounds really good! I want to check that out!

    Fang Ting


  • mochaccinoland

    love those colourful cute nails! i am very anal about removing makeup thoroughly and cleansing my face. thus i rely solely on DIY OCM cleansing oil and occasionally DHC deep cleansing oil. i find oil cleans most effectively.

    //collar necklace giveaway on my blog//


  • nyuu

    Oh yes, Pond’s Cold Cream was my go to makeup remover several years ago, too. But in the past few years, I’ve been using cleansing oil for makeup removal. I try not to use wipes even though it’s faster and easier because I heard using it often is not good for the skin. I’m not sure why, but it’s good to not be lazy in general, so I don’t use wipes often, maybe once a month if I have any.

    I try to avoid things with alcohol, but it’s hard when it’s in almost every product out there. I’m glad the DHC make off sheets work for you ^^ The mix of strawberries and cucumbers is really attractive haha But right now I can’t use AHA, I’m using other products at the moment and I don’t wanna load my skin with too many things, but I definitely wanna try B&C one day :D

    I just bought my first pair of summer wedges, it was on sale and I went for it :) Very lovely for short people hehe


  • Rinny

    The makeup removal sheets packaging is so cute! I’m tempted to get them just for the packaging haha. Thanks for the recommendations. I haven’t tried either product, but they sound really good from your review. I love wedges for the summer too. I actually just bought a few pairs awhile back in anticipation of wearing them in the summer :)


  • Georgie

    Hi Joyce! ^^

    Even though I don’t wear makeup… I make sure I clean my face every night. I’ve used different products but I do like Biotherm for skin cleansing and moisturising. Clinique is also good – I use their moisturiser. :3 I have used Ponds cream for moisturiser but I find that in summer it gets quite thick, so I use something like Clean & Clear because it’s water-based rather than oil based, and evaporates more quickly :3

    My mum swears by Lacura eye and lip makeup remover, it’s a cheap sort of brand but it’s really quite good! :D


  • Liz

    I am just going to leave another comment on this post since I feel silly if I reply to my own comment. LOL.

    The Lovely Cookie blusher in Grapefruit Jelly is my favourite!! I have been wearing it all the time and the colour is so pretty in real life. I always use my phone’s front camera to take pictures so the colours do get washed out >-<



  • Nancy

    Welcome back from your little time off :)! Hopefully, your time off went by well. I never really expect web servers to be perfect or anything, so don’t worry about the downtime :). At least this is one of the rare moments you’ll face downtimes!

    I actually do want to try out these make off sheets if they help remove impurities from the skin! I’m still breaking out from time to time :(.

    I think the wedges are really cute! I also love the sandals of the 2nd model with the floral dress :). This actually makes me want to go shoe shopping :P.

    Rennovations are awesome because you see big changes happening! But the only thing that sucks is that.. It drains the money out of your savings :(!

    Take care!


  • Ulrikaou’ve m

    Ooohh, I’d love to find something like that. I have to admit, I’m really terrible with my skin routine. I should definitely buy those wipes to have in my handbag at all times :D Really love the reviews you’ve written, thanks for the tips :)

    I really love the inspirational pics you’ve added to the post. The nail designs are my favourite !

    Thanks for stopping by <3


  • Jessie

    hi joyce!
    i get really lazy with cleaning my make up too D:
    haha i’m a sucker for any wipes but i’ve been on the hunt for a good cream cleanser too so thanks for the great review as always! <3
    jessie x
    the weekend project.


  • Andrea

    I’ve never seen that makeup removing wash – I’ll definitely have to look into it! Most of the Asian ones I pick out that are really foamy (love it!) don’t do the best job at makeup removal!


  • Jasmine Bourne

    Great post! xo