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Hi my lovelies :D It’s Joyce blogging this week.

We had a commenter last week request a review on the Koji Dolly Wink False Eyelash No.2 (Sweet Girly), so here it is :P  They sell a variety of Japanese and Asian beauty products. Great service and fast shipping :] Check them out! (Disclaimer: Opinions in this review are soley my own.)

If you haven’t heard about Dolly Wink False Lashes by now…well..then, I must tell you they are really popular! Originally designed by Japanese model, Tsubasa Masuwaka, these Dolly Wink lashes (a total of 8 different types) give a sweet but mature look.

I’m wearing them in these pictures ^_^

 (Full review inside + detailed photos inside)


Koji Dolly Wink False Eyelash No.2 (Sweet Girly) Price – $17.99

Photos (Wearing False Eyelashes)

Without Flash (Indoor Incandescent Lighting)

With Flash: (Night time in Dark Setting)

With Flash: (Day Time)

Initial Thoughts

Dang, these lashes are huge!! XD LOL these eyelashes are serious business~~~(in a good way).

Easy to Use?

(+) Yes, these eyelashes are very flexible which make it easy to put on top of your natural eyelashes.

(+) They are soft which is very good!

(+) Feels natural on the eyes after awhile (if you’re not used to falsies).

Natural looking?

I said these were huge right? LOL these eyelashes are not for everyday wear to school or work hahah!! (Unless the people around you are used to gyaru makeup styles :D)

(+) Cute AND mature for night time!!

(+) The edges of the lashes give a slight flair which makes this pair sweet/girly and sexy.

(+/-) Depending on what you’re looking for, these lashes are veryyy long :]

Tip: If you’re looking for a daytime look, you can try trimming the eyelashes! ;]


*Yes, I would recommend these lashes to people looking for a sweet/girly look.

-The price ($17.99) is justified -> the lashes are designed and constructed extremely well!

-They feel very soft like real lashes

-Easy to take on and off

-Mini glue attached in the product works wonderfully.

-My recommendation: Perfect for a night out :D

bathroom mirror pic :p (wearing the eyelashes)


(Since I won’t be posting next week because it’s Alex’s turn, I wanted to say:)

Happy early Valentine’s day to those who have significant others :] And to those who don’t, it’s totally ok! (Personal fact: Neither do I, hahah but I am secure with myself and I’m fine with the fact that I don’t have one). Here’s my two cents: I’ve always thought valentine’s day was an overly hyped and commercialized holiday. Talk about one of the most random days ever to celebrate love? But shouldn’t we show love and kindness towards each other on a daily basis? What I’m trying to say is…if you’re feeling down because you don’t have a boyfriend…don’t! You have to learn how to accept and love yourself before you can even be in a relationship. Just because you aren’t in a relationship, does that mean life is horrible? I don’t think so… one can be happy without being in a relationship! Just because you are not settling for someone, haven’t met the right person, or for whatever reason, haven’t found that special someone yet…it is ok! Drop the self-pity and try being nicer and kinder not only towards yourself but towards others around you…I’m sure you’ll see a positive result :D Hopefully this resonated and helped some of you out there! :] Peace and love.

Thoughts, comments, requests? Let us know below! =D

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  • Vermillion

    They look lovely on you! I think they look too dramatic on me because of my eye size lol u_u;;;


  • Hiyono

    I remember seeing this on another blogmate’s entry.
    I guess it really depends on who’s wearing it.
    They do look lovely on you, Joyce.

    You’re right about Valentines.
    It doesn’t have to focus on “romantic love”.
    It can also be a good day to treat yourself with more love!


  • Haruka

    I remember seeing them, cooing over how cute they are, and skipping over them.
    They’re so cute but so expensive! (well I cheap like that LOL)
    They look awesome on you though! The only thing is my eyes are smaller and sometimes these larger lashes don’t fit well and end up making my eyes look droopy :(

    I see your point about the buildability of BB creams but I generally don’t use any makeup during the day (super lazy one) so when I do put on makeup, I tend to go all out. I guess I’m weird like that lol.

    So here’s my plan about England. Once I make it there, I shall go on weekend trips to see all the surrounding countries XD and go there for vacation. =D =D I’ll just take the train everywhere and blog about everything I see! It’ll be so exciting! hence, I must study hard now so I’ll have the grades to make it there!

    You’re soo right about Valentines and how it’s over-hyped and commercialized. However, since it is kind of a holiday, why not celebrate oneself? I know I’m going to get dolled up on Valentines (because it falls on a tuesday and i don’t have morning classes) just so I can feel prettier than usual. XP

    mad love,


  • Sarah

    I’m in a relationship and yes, my boyfriend and I are going out for a meal but then it’s no different to what we usually do, we go out for meals a lot anyway and I think that we show our love to each other daily! :)

    By the way, the lashes look absolutely lovely. They are big but very girly and flattering, I would love to get some buy I cannot apply false lashes for the life of me! xo


  • isquisofrenia

    so pretty


  • Chiui

    That looks really nice even though it’s really long and fancy. Haha! You look like a doll :)


  • Jessica

    Wow, those lashes look good! Thanks for the review :)

    I recently got some lashes from the Face Shop in K-town cause they were buy 1 get 1 free, and I’ve been practicing with them but I think I broke one pair from too much use T^T Oops.


  • ftashion

    These lashes are really pretty! Hey your eyes in the second photo (night time in dark setting) look incredibly good so I think these lashes must be perfect for a dinner or party.
    Well, I can’t agree more about what you said about Vday. Guess Vday is such a good reminder to everyone to show love and concern to their loved ones especially everyday! But still, Happy Vday to both of you! May your EVERYDAY be filled with lotsa love and joy!

    Fang Ting


  • Jenny

    Woah, these lashes are very long! I agree they’d look amazing on a night out, but I’m always scared of my lashes flying off halfway through the night, haha. I’m still learning how to apply them, so for me, $17 is a bit expensive, especially for just one pair. But they do look really nice on you :]



    They are so pretty!!

    x Elle


  • FiSH

    soft and flexible is the best part of it! somehow i love a more natural looking fake lashie :)

    Latest: Look out for the Haven!


  • Jessie

    joyce! you always leave me such lovely sweet messages i always feel so guilty when i go missing from blogging for a while!
    i hope you’ve been well and thanks for being wonderfully supportive always <3
    these lashes look awesome, great review – i will have to seek them out one day!
    and your message about valentines day is very true, i also think its a pretty overrated holiday and that no one should feel less loved because of it :)
    jessie x
    the weekend project.


  • MonniiBee

    Oh wow those lashes look amazing! If mine weren’t so long I’d used them! Do you know if that brand makes any with a shorter length?

    Btw’s i love the new (for me anyways) look you gal’s site! where did you guys get the flash banner from? Did you create it?


  • Michelle

    aaaaw, pretty – as you always are. Those lashes are really nice and long!
    Ooooh, a request? I have one! A ‘what’s in my bag’ post – that’d be fun. :D Have you guys done one before? :)

    Happy belated Valentine’s Day :)


  • Cat

    Wow, those lashes are really full and long! They really make your eyes stand out (in a good way) :) I was thinking of getting some false lashes for costuming reasons, so it’s nice to see a review of these.

    Great message about how people shouldn’t feel down on Valentine’s too :) I think it’s over hyped, but I also think it’s a nice thing to celebrate, relationship or not.


  • Belleh

    Lol! That’s what I said too when I first tried them on. I was like, “What the- How do I put this on my eyes?! Its too big for my eyes D:” It feels weird when I wear it.. I guess cause I’m not use to wearing false eyelashes. I should’ve just bought the natural looking ones. No.2 was too dramatic for me and the sides sometimes doesn’t stick .__. <– noob.
    Thank you for doing this review! It looks good on you Joyce :D
    ._. I'll keep practicing and make myself get used to these big lashes.


  • lissa

    Oh I love your eyelashes! They really look so lovely! :) Thanks for doing this review, I added the website right away to my faves n_n


  • TYWO

    Thanks for sharing!
    You look beautiful! I hope your days are going well!



  • Bree

    Those false eyelashes are fabulous! I agree, those would be perfect for a night out. Belated Happy Valentine’s Day! I totally agree with you. You don’t need a boyfriend to celebrate. I went out with my sisters and we had a blast. :)

    P.S. I hope you get the time to read ‘The Hunger Games’. I also saw the nailpolish collection. I like the colors!

    Lots of love, B
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee
    Please support Give Jewelry!


  • Edel

    Oh goodness, this is unrelated with eyelashes but jeez Joyce, you have a pretty nose. XD And wow, those eyelashes are very long indeed. How pretty! You should do a comparison shot next time. Before and after or some other eyelash technique vs the product you’re using. I enjoy comparison shots. :P

    I’m not one for makeup and fashion. I’m too tomboyish, which I’m fine with. Although I adore girls who can do make up and wear things like fake eyelashes. This type of fashion is too cute on girls!


  • Bonnie

    If I didn’t have such natural drag queen lashes, I would totally give these a shot.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88


  • mishi

    They look great on you! Almost everyone I’ve seen that wears dw wears them well… for some reason they just look ridiculous on me D: I think I only tried one pair so it prob just depends on the style.


  • Dreamy Princess

    Wow..! The eyelashes are really huge! It successfully give you a dramatic look.
    I bet it must be awesome for night out, just like you’ve said (:

    I agree with you. Valentine’s day was an overly hyped and commercialized holiday.
    I think Valentine is not about boyfriend and girlfriend. It’s about celebrate our love to everybody who loves us. That’s why I always give chocolates for my friends (:

    Till next time, Joyce! ^^

    Dreamy Princess


  • Christine

    Wow! Those look great on you! I’m so afraid to try false lashes because I’m so bad with putting things on my eyes. I’ve resorted to using Maybelline’s Falsies mascara and it works, but these are fabulous! Maybe one day I’ll try them and stop being so afraid, haha.


  • Matthew

    Hey Joyce !

    Even though I dont know anything about make up this is a cool post , nice lashes!

    I really like what you and your partner are doing , I think its a great idea to partner up with your friend to blog , you just get to cover more things!

    thank you for your comment , I will definitely be back soon!


  • Sue

    wow! those lashes are serious! They look lovely. Thanks for visiting my blog ;) Wouold you like to follow each other? let me know