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The way a space is designed has always fascinated me because it evokes all of your visual senses. I’m no interior designer but I do believe how a space is decorated can impact work productivity and essentially how you feel. We don’t all have the luxury of designing our own space how we’d like it (neither do I), but a little change here and there can do wonders for lifting the mood of a space. Spring is here! Time for a new paint color perhaps? Sometimes something as simple as repositioning furniture around a room or adding in a few accessories can make drastic changes.

Here are a few interior spaces which caught my eye recently. Enjoy! ; )

interior design graphic

The new year is always a good time to start with a clean slate as they say. Though, speaking in terms of practicality, I feel like self-reflection and mindfulness can be practiced regularly so the thought of holidays are just another day to me…but hey, who doesn’t love a good reason to celebrate? I know I do too sometimes! Some bloggers or youtubers like to give off this impression of “perfection”, but I like to keep it real. 2013 has been a mixed bag. Some definite highs in my life met with some unexpected curve balls. I’ve had to re-evaluate some things and people in my life and I’m glad to say that I am heading into 2014 with a refreshed outlook. This past holiday has been a great time for me to just relax, catch up with family + friends, and start getting productive on some of my long-term goals.

Some Fashion Inspiration : ) It’s been really chilly here in NYC & my favorite go-to accessory has been a beanie! Anyone else a fan of Exo-M? When I was choosing photos, I had to include one of Exo in this blog post. If you’re also a fan of Exo, comment below and let me know what’s your favorite song from them.

Fashion Inspiration revamped! I finally got around to changing the layout of I still have some minor design adjustments to tweak but the general look of it is here. I feel like it is a better reflection of who I am. CS was created in 2011 and as the years go by, I think we all change naturally so the site should also reflect growth and maturity. I really wanted to go for a much more simple and refined look. Hopefully you will like it as well! : )

new web look

Happy New Year to everyone! Also, I would like to quickly mention, thank you for keeping up with my blog and being patient with my updates which have been a bit slower than usual. I appreciate you all! : )

Hey everyone, Joyce here today : ) It’s been almost too long since my last update, my apologies. I always have the intention to blog, but since I care a lot about quality, crunching out a quality post ends up consuming a lot more time than one could imagine so I end up just postponing the whole thing itself.

It seems like the last two months has passed by pretty quickly which isn’t to say it’s necessarily a bad thing. I guess I’ve just been spending my time on other areas of my life so putting up new content on my blog and working on my youtube channel has kind of taken a back seat. Also, I probably won’t be uploading anymore youtube videos (at least not now). You know how you think you will like something, but once you try it, you don’t quite fancy it anymore? That’s what it felt like to me.

After thinking about it a bit more, I would like to preserve a bit more privacy to myself since video and blogging/posting photos are two completely different things.

I also plan to revamp the look and feel of Since the New Year is arriving soon, I want to start fresh. It’ll probably take some time, but I plan to work on it.

Since photos are a lot more interesting, here are some recent ones I’ve snapped recently : )


Skipping to another topic, people often wonder what type of music I listen to. I listen to pretty much everything (Asian pop ballads, indie, r&b, etc) but of course, I favor some genres over others. I’ve been really into instrumental pieces lately. Anything with a chill vibe & jazzy undertones call my attention…Check out this one below. Hope you enjoy : ) Have a lovely weekend everyone! Follow me on bloglovin to get updated on my latest blog posts : p


It’s quickly becoming more chilly these days in New York City so I thought I’d share some fall pieces of inspiration. Cardigans are becoming my new favorite obsession since they’re so simple & cute to throw on for added warmth! Also, thank you to everyone who gave me feedback on my last post regarding what youtube video you would like to see next. I will try to film a ‘How-To’ Video on how I apply eyeliner once my allergies clear up. (Anyone else have Fall allergies?) If not, I will probably do a haul video on some online purchases I’ve made recently once they come in the mail!

Fall boots…yes please. Clean architectural lines..what a beauty!


Cardigans and some loafers? Sure!


Ways to wear a button-up shirt : ) Simplicity at its best!fall3fall42

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 Thanks for reading as always. See you all soon! -Joyce

Hey folks! Joyce here today with some ideas on how you can easily fit exercise into a busy schedule : ).

exercise 4 FT

So we’ve all heard the age-old excuses before such as “I’m busy”, “I’m tired”, “I don’t feel like it”, “I have no one to go with”. Well, I’m here to tell you exercise doesn’t have to be something that’s necessarily so rigid or tiresome, unless you make it that way. Truth is, we’re all busy. But, we tend to allocate time for things that reign as priority in our lives. So, unless you make health a priority in your life, then it will always be on the back burner, much like other things in life as well.

I’m not a fitness expert by any means, but I definitely love exercise (running, cardio, yoga, etc) and try to incorporate it into my schedule at least once a week, at the minimum, (not too much to ask, right?) or 3-4 times a week (typically).

1. Mindset.

If you naturally dislike exercise, it’s likely you’ll find any excuse not to exercise. Who are you getting fit or healthy for? Does health matter to you in the long run? If you don’t find an authentic reason to exercise or get healthy, it’s difficult that anything or anyone will convince you. Personally, I exercise because health matters to me and exercising gives me energy. If I don’t exercise, I don’t feel good and it starts affecting other areas of my life like my health (foremost), work, relationships, creativity levels, energy levels, etc. I exercise for me, not anyone else. If you are doing something for superficial reasons only, it wont last for the long term.

2. Prioritize.

Now that you’re in a better frame of mind as to what’s truly motivating you to exercise, you have to try to incorporate it into your schedule. Routine is good, but it doesn’t have to be the end all, be all.

3. Walk More when Commuting.

Say you’re really busy this week and need to catch up on other areas in your life. Totally understandable! When you take the bus or train, you can get off a stop early and walk instead. (I wouldn’t recommend this if you are in a time crunch to get to work! So try and plan accordingly.)

4. Move More, Don’t Stay Idle.

We live in a digital age where most of us work in front of the computer (as do I). Sometimes, it’s exhausting and it can start impacting your health negatively. It’s healthy to take breaks, stretch, go outside for a walk, and get some fresh air. Think about it, when you sit, you typically don’t sit straight (we all slouch a bit when sitting so we’re in a relaxed position). But, too much of this can be ailing for your health. Walking is actually an awesome way to gain many health benefits. Running can shed those pounds faster.

5. Exercise doesn’t have to = Gym only.

Who says the gym is the only way to exercise? Maybe you don’t have access to one because you don’t have a car or your budget limits you to join one. Have a jump rope? Great! It is a wonderful total body work out! Have a park or trails nearby? Awesome, run outside, get some fresh air, and soak in the beautiful sun! (Don’t forget to apply some sunblock, of course). Have some weights at home? Start lifting to get that heart pumping! Do you go on the internet a lot? Go to youtube and check out some fun workout videos that you like and do them at home instead when you have time! I personally love Tara Stiles’ Yoga Videos here! Find some form of exercise you like and commit to it gradually. I’m sure, it will work out over time if you put in the commitment and focus.

Also, please comment below to let me know which youtube video you want to see next on my channel! I have a few ideas lined up, but it’d be awesome to get everyone’s feedback. Let me know which one peaks your interest the most and I’ll choose that one to film first!

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Which video do you want to see next?

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Hope these ideas helped! ; ) Have a lovely weekend everyone! -Joyce

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